How to use digUpp on Android:

Installing the bookmarklet

  • Long tap the bookmarklet
  • Tap on the "Copy link address" option
  • Put this page to your favorites
  • Paste the selected text to the address field
  • Tap on "Save" and you are ready to use

Using the bookmarklet

  • Click on Menu > Bookmarks > digUpp
  • Wait until you see the digUpp toolbar in the right top corner
  • Click on the toolbar and set the from-to languages
  • By default "learning" mode is active. This means that flashcards are made from the translations.
  • You can translate whole phrases by selecting the text and clicking the "Translate" button on the toolbar

Learning with flashcards

  • Select a word group on the "Flashcards" page
  • After the cards are loaded you can start learning.
  • On the top you see the "from language"
  • On the bottom you see the "to language"
  • In the middle there is the sentence you have read the word.
  • Tap the card and the solution is shown.
  • Then you have 3 options:
    1. Swipe UP: this means you learned this word. This card will not show up again.
    2. Swipe LEFT or Right: this means you are not sure. This card will show up again.
    3. Swipe DOWN: this means you still need some repetition to learn this word or phrase. In this case you have to swipe up two times to mark the card as "learned".